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by Sacha W On 2020-09-11
Full option construction site across the street. (Nothing mentioned on the website) So no more sleep after 7 AM. Hostel is outdated. Location is good, beds are good.
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by Pacome Cardon On 2020-08-18
My third hostel on my backpacking tour, and the one where I stayed the longest. The price range was excellent, so I just kept booking more nights. The atmosphere is amazing. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, the drink selection is great. Sheets are provided, the rooms are good, you've got lockers available, padlocks if you need them, you can get your clothes washed without a fuss, there's a kitchen where you can cook and store your food, there's a sound system if you want to play music, the internet is good, there's a nice garden, it's close to lots of great places and in the middle of a really nice area. It doesn't seem to be too noisy, so you can be talking loudly downstairs without waking people upstairs, and conversely if you're tired out by a long day around Berlin, you can sleep without an issue. You WILL measure every other hostel you go to based on how it compares to this one.
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